February 2019

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Hi reader!

Happy 2017!  Hope you all had a great holiday season.  

Many of you are busy working on your marketing goals for the year (or should be).  When was the last time you reviewed your website?  Been a while?  Now is the time to review content, photos maybe add some pages or blog posts.  

I'm in the process of reviewing my sites content too.  So this month I have an article for you regarding your About Us page.  Read on . . .

Until next month . . .

- Michelle Bracewell


Create an About Us Page That Builds Trust

For many small businesses writing an effective About Us page can be challenging.  And that's bad news because analytics often shows the About Us page as one of the most visited page on any given site. For this reason, your About Us page should SHINE!   The good news is it doesn't need to be a book, just some carefully crafted …

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Web Trends, News & Tips

Want to Disappear from the Internet?

Deseat.me helps you clean up your existence online. Just sign in with Google and it will instantly give you a list of your accounts, matched up with direct links to delete said accounts. Delete accounts on sites like PayPal, Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Evernote, and many others. It uses your Google account to find your other accounts, keeping your data safe.

Ever wondered what website cookies can track?

If you've ever wondered exactly what websites can track about your behavior via cookies, then ClickClickClick.Click will be an interesting/disturbing experience for you. It tracks everything from mouse movement to inactivity, and can make startling predictions based on what you do while on the website. These types of cookies allow advertisers to serve you up the "perfect" ad while you browse


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