February 2019

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Hi reader!

Hope you all are enjoying Spring!  I'm loving all the big PINK crab trees right now!

As I said last month BWW is BOOMING and we're growing!  Right now we're booked through June.  So if you have a new project in mind let's get a call going and see about getting your project on our schedule.

Is your business local?  Well this month I have a few tips for you regarding LOCAL search engine optimization (SEO).

Hope you all are thriving!   

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- Michelle Bracewell

Colorado Springs Local SEO Experts

Are you forgetting these key places to optimize for Local SEO?

Of course you know how important it is to show up in search results is for your business. When someone searches for you, your products, or your services, you want to be found by them online. And you probably know how showing up in local search results can drive local customers to your website and your location. If someone is …

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Web Trends, News & Tips

What Cadbury Eggs Can Teach you About Social Listening

Companies that listen to social conversations about their brands and their competitors are more able and likely willing to adjust strategy based on what they 'hear' versus those who bury their heads in the digital sand, hoping for success. . . .

Read about Updates to Google Safe Browsing Site Status Tool

Google Safe Browsing gives users tools to help protect themselves from web-based threats like malware, unwanted software, and social engineering. We are best known for our warnings, which users see when they attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download dangerous files. We also provide other tools, like the Site Status Tool, where people can check the current safety status of a web page . . . .

Secure in Chrome Browser does not mean SAFE

We think this is something every online user should know about and we explain how to protect yourself and your friends and family against the large number of phishing sites that are now installing free valid SSL certificates and are shown as 'Secure' by Chrome. . . .


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