February 2019

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This month has been so busy, it just got away from me!  Sorry I'm a week late on my newsletter. But I have some more great info for you on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because everyone wants to rank well on Google - right?

You'll also find a couple of nifty tools to try out.  And be sure to catch Website Magazines article on keeping your Social Media Calendar.

Hope you all are thriving!   

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- Michelle Bracewell

Google SEO Ranking Factors for 2017

Google SEO Ranking Factors for 2017

From the beginning, the core search algorithm provided by Google has offered the most relevant search results swiftly and efficiently. As high functioning as their search process is, Google is determined to be ever improving their search algorithm. You cannot rely on last year’s ranking factors when using SEO in 2017. While the entire list of ranking factors is staggering, …

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Web Trends, News & Tips

Filling in Your Social Media Calendar

Creating a social media calendar is a very time-consuming process, but it beats sitting in front of a computer each day not knowing what to post. By preparing messages like those sampled here, marketers can better brainstorm, analyze and optimize their posts for a more comprehensive and creative social presence. Read More.


Easily build and share a beautiful org chart in minutes and keep it up to date automatically.

Tab Ninja

Chrome extension that lets you close tabs in groups (tabs to the left, right, muted ones, by domain, etc).



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