February 2019

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Hi reader!

I don't know about you, but I love new shiny things. Especially apps and tools that will make my life easier. So this month I have some great apps for you to check out.  A few I couldn't live without!

Hope you all are thriving!   

Until next month . . .

- Michelle Bracewell


12 Tools to Make Your Life Easier

I love "shiny things"!  Which is to say I love gadgets and tools to make my life easier. Here are some I think you may really find useful. Honey: A chrome extension to save time and money shopping online. Currently: Chrome Extension to replace new tab screen with current time and weather. Rapportive: Gmail plugin that shows you everything about …

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Web Trends, News & Tips

Name Ideas Generator

The hardest part of any project is coming up with a unique name.  Name Ideas Generator is a FREE tool that suggests possible domain names based on the keywords you enter. Voila'!

Amazon SEO: A guide to improving your rankings on Amazon

 55% of online shoppers turn to Amazon to begin product searches? Read more


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