February 2019

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Hi reader!

Happy New Year! I hope your as excited about 2018 as I am!

As you may know the search engines are constantly changing, which effects how they will rank your website on whatever keywords you're focused on.  So I'm starting 2018 with an intensive 6 week SEO Mastermind Training course.

Naturally I'm doing lots of studying and want to share with you my thoughts on how Social Media effects your SEO (search engine optimization).  So I hope this helps you out a bit.

Until next month . . .

- Michelle Bracewell

SEO benefits of social media

Does Social Media help with SEO?

Social media's rapid rise over the last 9 - 10 years has been astonishing.  Nobody could have guessed what social media would become in such a relatively short timeline. . Things are very different now on the Internet than they were 10 years ago.  And with social media's rapid growth and changes, so does its relationship with search engines and …

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Web Trends, News & Tips

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