February 2019

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Google Reviews - we love a good review! But what happens if we get a bad review? Or worse, a FAKE bad review?  Bad reviews can really hurt businesses, especially smaller local ones. I decided to write this article after I received a FAKE 1 star review. It really threw me.  So read on and learn some good tips for handling this. It probably should be called Remove (or minimize the effects) of a bad Fake Google Review, but that was too long. The truth is, it's very hard to have a fake review removed. *Sigh*

If you feel like giving me a review (hopefully a good one) then do a search for Bracewell Web Works  and you'll find my Google Business page.

Meanwhile, Happy July 4th!

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- Michelle Bracewell

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Remove a Fake Google Review in 5 Steps

You just got a bad review on Google, and to make matters worse it's a FAKE bad review.  Yikes! It's awful!  You work so hard to take care of your customers and then you open an email from Google informing you you got a review - a BAD one.  You're stomach drops. Then you go read it only to find out …

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