February 2019

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Hi reader!

This summer is going by way too fast for me.  So fast I almost let August get past me without doing a newsletter.  But I rallied and have a great read for you on the importance of good content. You'll learn what Thin Content is and why it will hurt your site in search engine rankings. So read this and get to writing (note to self: write more, better website content!)

Until next month . . .

- Michelle Bracewell

Content is King not thin content

What is thin Content? And why you should care.

When it comes to Search Engine Ranking you've probably heard many time ‘Content is king.’ What that means is if you want to rank on Google (or any search engine for that matter) for a specific search term you must write meaningful and original content about that term. So I'm going to teach you a bit about why you absolutely …

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