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February 2019

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Hi reader!

Are you as busy as I am? I don't know if I'm coming or going these days. But it's all good.  I found 2 things I really think should be important to you. The first is my blog about the New Follow Button on your Google My Business page.  I think this could be a good boost for Local Search ranking, so read on.

The second is about PHP 5 is coming to and end. Read the article I have a link to about this. AND YOU REALLY SHOULD CARE!  Yes, I'm shouting this because it's a HUGE security issue. After the end of the year it will no longer have security updates. YIKES!!!

What IS PHP? It's the programming language most websites are built on today. WordPress is built on it.  At the very least some older HTML websites have some PHP for forms and such. 

HOW does it get updated? You have to ask your hosting company to upgrade your site and hope all of your sites code is updated so it doesn't break.

If you have a Site Care Plan or Host with me, then YOUR GOOD. That's one of the things I've been doing is upgrading my hosting server's PHP and all my client sites to PHP 7.2. 

Until next month . . .

- Michelle Bracewell

Google map follow feature example

Google Maps New “Follow” Button

I'm sure you heard that Google recently announced it will be shutting down Google + next year. Another Google app bites the dust. So it's no surprise they are coming up with something "better" to replace it. And it may just be! (I was never a Google+ fan) On October 24th, Google announced on their blog  their new “Follow” button …

Read more.


That's all folks!